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Sawmills and wood products

In sawmills and planing mills, marking and labelling requirements usually involve marks on the ends of each sawn timber piece, quality grading marks, and marks on sawn timber packages or on the sides of the packaging. In planing mills, marking involves indicating the stress grades of planed timber products, as well as the labelling and marking of product bundles, finger-jointed products and glue-laminated timber products.

In the woodworking industry, various types of products and packaging require markings, including wooden packaging, door and window products, wood and plywood panels, mouldings and panels.




Packaging materials
Self-adhesive labels

Special features

Dusty conditions
High speed
Marking of large pieces
Environmentally friendly marking and labelling

Special applications

Marking of timber
High-speed end marking

Tailored solutions to meet your labelling and marking needs

Our solutions for the wood and sawmill industry

Here are a few examples of our most significant labelling solutions for your industry.

Markem-Imaje hot melt printers, Markem-Imaje and Solaris laser coders, versatile labelling solutions and handheld ESB inkjet printers. 

Diverse software expertise: Flexible software solution for end marking. 

Marking and labelling machines and systems:

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Markem-Imaje and Solaris products

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