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Blanco labels

We also manufacture blanco label, typically used in industry as well as trade and logistics, for printing barcodes, logos or text using heat transfer or direct heat printing. We stock a wide range of labels in different sizes for various materials, which are compatible with the leading labelling equipment on the market.

In addition, we produce customised labels, where we also have the option to use our broad capabilities for die-cutting and perforating. 

Heat transfer labels

A heat transfer label is a good option when you need a long-lasting label or a label that is resistant to moisture, abrasion or hot temperatures. You can choose various types of paper or plastic labels as the material. Thermal transfer labels are printed using ink ribbons.

Thermal labels

Heat-sensitive thermal materials are used for labels with a shorter life span, such as the labels used in grocery store scales at the produce department. Thermal labels are printed with a thermal printer using heat and no ribbon is required.

We stock a wide range of heat transfer and thermal labels in different sizes.

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