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Colour label printers

Colour label printers are unbeatable, especially for fast-changing and low-volume marking needs. You can print colour labels exactly when you need them and in the quantity you need. A colour label printer frees you from managing storage and inventory of pre-printed product labels and packaging. It also allows you to add unique product, date and batch information onto the label when printing.

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OKI Pro 1050 English

New LED technology for colour label printing!

With this printer, you can produce versatile and impressive colour label prints. It also includes a white colour for priming labels on transparent or coloured surfaces, ensuring high visibility. With the OKI Pro Series 1050 printers, you can print on new kinds of materials that traditional printers don’t support. For example: PE, PP and PET plastics, as well as white, opaque and coloured surfaces. You can print labels for outdoor use and cold storage, as well as for food and household items. Printed colour labels stand out.

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Meat and fish industry, fruit and vegetable processing

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Forest products industry and sawmills, pharmaceuticals and health technology, breweries and roasteries, and the printing industry 

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