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CE marking for construction products is a European procedure for demonstrating the characteristics of a product in a uniform and comparable way. It guarantees the essential safety and health properties of the construction products you manufacture, such as load-bearing capacities of structures and long-term durability. CE marking applies, for example, to concrete elements and products, dry concrete and mortars, wooden structures, cement and steel structures. Marking and labelling in the construction industry typically involves marking roof trusses, house components, mouldings and panels, doors and windows, roofing materials, building boards and insulation.


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Tailored solutions to meet your labelling and marking needs

Our solutions for the building products industry

Here are a few examples of our most significant labelling solutions for your industry.

Handheld EBS label printers, versatile labelling solutions and pallet marking solutions. Markem-Imaje inkjet printers.

Diverse software expertise: A complete wireless data capture solution for the log house industry implemented with Loftware NiceLabel software 

Informa’s labelling and marking solutions ensure efficient production and markings that guarantee the safety of your products. We provide you with the best possible labelling and marking solutions and the best possible experts to support you.

Marking and labelling machines and systems:

Petteri Mäkelä

Key Account Manager

Forest products industry, construction industry, metal industry, plastic and rubber industries, chemical industry, manufacturing of electrical equipment

+358 207 208 222

Jaakko Ahtila

Sales Manager

Markem-Imaje and Solaris products

+358 207 208 266


Label and material orders and enquiries can also be made directly to:

+358 207 208 207