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Laser coding

Laser coding is a clean and environmentally friendly marking technology. Laser coders are practically maintenance-free and thus reduce production downtime. The laser coder can be integrated into a production line or equipment.  In date and batch marking, laser coders are replacing traditional marking systems (e.g. inkjet printers). Laser coding also enables the marking of images and 1D/2D barcodes.

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Markem-Imaje SmartLase F250

Convenient, fast and effective!

SmartLase F250 fibre laser marking printers are compact, versatile and powerful. They are intended for a wide range of industrial labelling needs. You can create high-quality, durable markings on a variety of materials, including plastic, glass, cardboard and metal. The printer can print a variety of information, such as texts, barcodes, dates and logos. 

One of the main advantages of these printers is their compact size. It allows easy integration of the equipment into different production lines and facilities. 

SmartLase F250 meets the highest safety standards. It is also very easy to use. 

Specifications (PDF)

Solaris e-SolarMark +

A new-generation high-speed and high-quality CO2 laser coder!

Permanent marking of alphanumeric texts, dates, timers, serial numbers, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics for a wide range of products and packaging.The device has a 15-inch touch screen and remote control features for easy use. The machine is designed to fit seamlessly into the customer’s production lines, even in very tight spaces. Multiple printheads can be used under a single control panel.

Specifications (PDF)

Markem-Imaje SmartLase C600

For fast production lines and large production volumes!

The SmartLase C600 CO2 laser coding printer is designed to meet the demanding needs of industry. The equipment is well-suited for very fast production lines with high production volumes. The markings are durable and provide protection against counterfeiting. This helps protect your products and your brand, ensuring your customers receive a genuine and reliable product.

SmartLase C600 is also ideal for marking on cardboard, paper, wood, glass, rubber or plastic. 

Specifications (PDF)

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