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About us

Welcome to the world of Informa Oy!

We provide comprehensive solutions for the labelling of products and packaging. We work with pride, utilising our 30 years of expertise. Whether it’s a product, packaging or a logistics system, we have a reliable solution for you. Our solid industry knowledge and diverse expertise make us a valued partner for our customers, both for individual labelling devices and comprehensive systems. In addition to equipment, software, labels and labelling supplies, we also offer a high level of expert support. 

The smooth operation of our customers’ production lines is our first priority. That’s why we offer contract-based maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of our customers’ labelling equipment and systems. 

Informa is part of the Nordic Lexit Group and operates as its Finnish subsidiary. Informa’s customers have the entire group’s expertise, solutions and resources at their disposal. With Lexit Group, Informa can serve its customers locally in all Nordic countries.

We are the only supplier of labelling systems in Finland that produces labels and stickers at its own printing workshop in Espoo, Finland. Combined with our high-level expertise in labelling equipment, this guarantees that our customers receive first-class print quality and top-notch reliability.

We are proud of our work. We are here to help our customers. Join us on a journey towards disturbance-free production and peace of mind!

Lexit Group 

Lexit Group is the leading Nordic company in the labelling and data capture industry, employing more than 200 people in Norway, Sweden and Finland, with a turnover of around €90 million.

Brief history of the company

In 1935, American inventor and entrepreneur Stan Avery built a machine to make stickers. Avery’s invention was funded by his future wife, teacher Dorothy Durfee, who provided 100 dollars for the cause. To build the labelling machine, Avery used a motor from a washing machine, parts from a sewing machine and a sabre saw.  

Stan Avery’s inventions allowed labels to be applied quickly and easily to a variety of surfaces. He laid the foundations for the modern production of labels and stickers.  

  • 1960 Lindell Oy starts printing labels in Finland under the Avery licence and selling Avery’s stamping devices and labelling machines for adhesive labels.
  • 1983 Lindell sells its sticker production and equipment representation to Tilgmann Oy
  • 1989 Tilgmann is incorporated and its Marking Systems division becomes Informa Oy
  • 1993 Yhtyneet Paperitehtaat Oy sells Informa to the executive management (Pekka Väisälä, Krister Juselius)
  • 2001 Informa acquires the Barcode business (time tracking and data capture) of Aldata Industries Oy
  • 2002 Informa buys the entire share capital of Stiket Oy, and the company is merged into Informa Oy the following year
  • 2009 Informa focuses on label production and related equipment and divests its time tracking and data capture business (JotBar Solutions Oy)   
  • 2023 Informa becomes a subsidiary of Lexit Group