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Informa’s Infoil ribbons guarantee high-quality printing!

Selecting the right ribbon ensures optimal print quality. With our Infoil ribbons, you get the perfect solution for every printing need: paper, cardboard, PE, PP, polyester and textiles. They are also suitable for thermal transfer printers.

Wax ribbons
Wax ribbons are optimal for printing on paper materials.  They are used in cases where the print is not exposed to abrasion, chemicals or high temperatures. Typical applications include logistics labels and other fast-moving labels.

Wax/resin ribbons
Suitable for printing on both paper and synthetic materials. The print is more durable than when printing with wax ribbons, i.e. it can withstand mechanical stress better. Typical applications include product labelling and labelling in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Resin ribbons
Resin ribbons are used for printing on PE, PP and polyester materials. The print is resistant to high temperatures, abrasion, moisture and chemicals. Typical applications include various rating plate labels. When using resin ribbons, you don’t usually need lamination. Our ribbons have the necessary UL/CSA approvals.

Hot foil ribbons 
Hot foil ribbons are used in hot foil printers. In the food industry, date and batch marking is often done using hot foil printers.

Ribbons can also be used to print on dyed materials. When selecting the label varnish, it’s important to consider whether you may need to print on the label. To enable thermal transfer printing, you can leave an area unvarnished or by selecting a varnish that is suitable for printing.

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