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Loftware NiceLabel

NiceLabel software is suitable for businesses of all sizes. With NiceLabel, you can design labels quickly and easily using a graphic user interface and print with any Windows printer. Variable data, dates, batch numbers, etc., can be imported from external sources, such as a database or your company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The software suite offers products ranging from simple label design and printing to large-scale ERP-integrated solutions that digitalise the labelling process and utilise tracing tools and label life cycle management.

Loftware NiceLabel cloud services

Businesses are increasingly using cloud-based applications, even for data entry. The NiceLabel cloud service is highly scalable, flexible and cost-effective. You can design and edit labels quickly and easily – and print them from anywhere, anytime. You can securely manage your business entries using a single system. The cloud service saves time and money, as well as reduces your IT team’s workload.

It is a safe option for today’s businesses.

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