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Label printers

We offer label printers from the world’s leading manufacturers, ranging from small desktop printers to heavy-duty A3 printers. Our range also includes speciality printers, including printers for fabric tapes, loose labels or patient wristbands. Label printers can be equipped with various accessories, such as a rewinder for roll-to-roll printing, a barcode reader for code quality control, a stacker for label bundling or an applicator for automatic label application.

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect tools that meet your labelling needs and make your business more efficient.

Explore our top products

Zebra ZT600 English

Excellent performance for demanding industrial environments!

These industrial printers are designed to withstand the most demanding environments. The printer has a durable structure and components. This means you can rely on its performance and reduced maintenance needs, which keeps productivity high. The outstanding performance, durability and high-quality printing results offered by the ZT600 printers’ are essential in keeping critical operations running smoothly 24/7.

Whether it’s barcodes, text or graphics, the printer produces sharp and durable results. The ZT600 series printers ensure excellent print quality and reduce the number of poor quality labels, saving time and money. 

The Zebra ZT600 series industrial printers are the perfect solution when you need exceptional performance and usability. The printer has powerful processors and a larger memory. The two models include: ZT610 and ZT620.

Specifications (PDF)

Zebra ZT400 English

Durability and speed for wide labels!

The durable, reliable and ultra-fast ZT400 series printers are ideal for wide labels. The printers support a wide print width (A5), making it easy to print large labels. The ZT400 series is designed to withstand harsh conditions, including heat, humidity and other challenges. The printers have a wide range of advanced features, such as RFID readiness and lighted media path, which make the labelling process fast and efficient. The backlit graphic LCD display enables easy operation, and the printer comes with a 450 m long ink ribbon that offers long-lasting print capacity. With the ZT400 series industrial printers, you get a durable and reliable solution that meets your needs in challenging environments.

Specifications (PDF)

Honeywell PX 45 English

Powerful performance for demanding industrial applications!

This all-metal, durable printer offers a wide range of features that optimise productivity and reduce maintenance costs. The printer has a very robust structure. Its ultra-fast printing speed – up to 12 inches per second – improves productivity and speeds up the labelling process. The printer’s resolution options allow you to produce precise and clear prints.  Web-based management tools make using, managing and diagnosing the printer easy, reducing production downtime. Changing the print head is quick and easy thanks to the magnetic print head design.

Specifications (PDF)

Honeywell PM 45 English

The perfect solution for anyone looking for efficiency and precision!

This powerful printer offers excellent performance and a wide range of features. Precise and flexible printing ensures high quality and fast output – up to 14 inches per second – even in demanding production and industrial environments. The printer’s track-and-trace functionality improves print efficiency and supply chain transparency within a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, warehousing and logistics. The device can also print RFID data.

Specifications (PDF)

Novexx XLP 60X English

A printing solution for efficient labelling!

XLP 60X printers deliver excellent print quality and speed, effectively meeting a wide range of printing needs. These state-of-the-art printers are specifically designed to boost production efficiency and improve precision. The easy-to-use interface enables quick and effortless set-up, allowing you start labelling your products immediately. The XLP 60X printers have a diverse range of functions to help you label packaging and product information clearly and professionally. In addition to high-quality prints, the XLP 60X printers are reliable and durable. The printers’ robust structure and high-quality components ensure a long service life and low maintenance, saving time and money. Novexx XLP 60X printers are the perfect solution when you need fast, precise and reliable labelling for your products.

Specifications (PDF)

cab SQUIX English

Precise printing for all purposes!

The versatile Squix printers for medium and heavy duty applications in all industries. Squix printers deliver high quality and accurate printing results on all kinds of labels – whether you need printing for logistics, production or other uses. Squix label printers also include many advanced features, such as an easy-to-use touch screen and versatile connectivity options. You can easily adapt the printer to your needs and integrate it seamlessly with your existing systems.

A wide range of accessories and options are also available for the printers, such as cutting, gluing and folding units, to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the labelling process. Resolution options include 203, 300 and 600 dpi. Squix can also be equipped with the A1000 application unit, which is well suited for semi-automatic applications.

Specifications (PDF)

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