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Barcode scanners and verification

The perfect selection of scanners for every need!

Barcodes are an essential part of today’s business operations. Therefore, a wide range of scanners are needed for different applications. Our range includes scanners for every need, from advanced handheld scanners to industrial scanners that can be permanently installed on the production line.

Warehouse and picking systems involve up to thousands of scans each day. That’s why ergonomic design, range and performance of the barcode scanner are essential in ensuring smooth operation.

We offer a wide range of barcode scanners with different features and performance capabilities. Whether you need a handheld scanner or a fixed industrial scanner, we have the solution for you.

Explore our top products

Honeywell 1991iXR scanners

Scanners with extended range!

The high performance of these scanners also enables fast scanning of damaged or low-quality codes. The scanners’ durability and performance ensure reliability.

Specifications (PDF) 

Zebra DS3600 scanners

Distance and speed are no longer obstacles!

These Zebra DS3600 series barcode scanners are ultra-rugged but lightweight. The scanners’ exceptional ability to read barcodes over significant distances and at significant speeds provides uninterrupted efficiency from the manufacturing lines to the warehouse aisles.

Specifications (PDF) 

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