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Installation and deployment

Comprehensive installation and deployment services!

We will install the equipment and solutions in your facility and provide you with the necessary training. Thanks to our solid expertise, we can integrate our solutions with your production and packaging systems at all levels, including mechanics, control logic and software. Informa’s experienced and skilled installation team will ensure successful installation and deployment. Our team will minimise the disruption caused by the deployment and give you the best possible launch for smooth production!

Please contact our sales team to request installation services for your labelling and marking equipment.

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Our team is ready to answer your questions!

Jaakko Ahtila

Sales Manager

Markem-Imaje and Solaris products

+358 207 208 266

Jari Hanén

Key Account Manager

Meat and fish industry, fruit and vegetable processing

+358 207 208 211

Petteri Mäkelä

Key Account Manager

Forest products industry, construction industry, metal industry, plastic and rubber industries, chemical industry, manufacturing of electrical equipment

+358 207 208 222

Timo Tornberg

Key Account Manager

Food and beverage industries, textile industry

+358 207 208 262

Jari Kyllönen

Key Account Manager

Forest products industry and sawmills, pharmaceuticals and health technology, breweries and roasteries, and the printing industry 

+358 207 208 243