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Logistics and wholesale

Barcodes and barcode-readers are essential in logistics and wholesale, along with pallet labels following the GS1 standard. High-quality labelling enables accurate tracking of products and goods throughout the logistics chain. Whether it’s tracking product origin, inventory management or order processing, barcodes and pallet labels are key to ensuring an efficient and smooth supply chain.


Labels in accrodance with the GS1 standard
2D codes


Plastic wrapping
Self-adhesive labels

Special features

Data capture needs
Readability of the label

Special applications

Multilingual labelling

Tailored solutions to meet your labelling and marking needs

Our labelling and marking solutions for the logistics and wholesale industries

Here are a few examples of our most significant labelling solutions for your industry.

Zebra and Honeywell label printers, handheld terminals and barcode scanners. Informa’s Elli pallet labels and RFID smart labels.

By choosing Informa’s labelling solutions, you ensure that your labels will maintain high quality and readability throughout the logistics chain. We provide you with the best possible labelling and marking solutions and the best possible experts to support you.

Marking and labelling machines and systems:

Jaakko Ahtila

Sales Manager

Markem-Imaje and Solaris products

+358 207 208 266


Mikko Jaakkola

Key Account Manager

Food and beverage industries, textile industry, wholesale and retail, logistics, health services

+358 207 208 260

Label and material orders and enquiries can also be made directly to:

+358 207 208 207