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Cardboard labels and tapes

Cardboard labels are non-adhesive products. The most typical applications for these labels include paper twist ties, clothing and sock labels, admission tickets and visitor cards, pricing labels and unrippable plastic labels. You can print on the labels using thermal or thermal transfer printing.

The tapes can be made from non-adhesive material or adhesive laminate. Self-adhesive tapes are used to tie products together or to serve as bands. Plastic, non-adhesive straps can be used to carry a product or package, for example. You can also print on them. 

Wrappers and food packaging films

We also print on wrappers and laminates suitable for most packaging machines. The printed materials can be as thin as 15 micrometres. Low-migration inks are used when printing on wrappers.

In particular for the food, beverage and technochemical industries, we are able to offer a unique range of services and products.

Textile materials

Blank fabric ribbons for printing
Polyamide Economy is an inexpensive printable material for wash care labels. It is particularly well-suited for outerwear. The material is ideal for thermal transfer printing and is highly resistant to wear and tear. Polyester Satin is a soft and comfortable material with a satin surface. It withstands washing extremely well, thus preventing fraying. The softness of the material makes it suitable for direct skin contact. Naturally, Informa also provides ink ribbons for printing on textile materials (fabrics). We also supply fabric ribbons and labels made using a variety of printing methods.

RFID smart labels

Improve material flow monitoring

RFID (remote radio frequency identification) allows remote reading and recording of information using RFID tags. The tags can be included in the product in the manufacturing stage or applied afterwards with a sticker.

There are many different applications for RFID labelling. It can complement visually marked or barcoded products in logistics and thus improve the tracking of product shipments. In the real-time control and monitoring of production stages, RFID has the potential to entirely replace visual marks.

The right equipment and materials

Our range of thermal transfer printers and labellers includes printers and readers that can encode RFID tags. We can also provide you with the necessary software and RFID labels, either blank or pre-printed.

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