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Hello! My name is Idis, and I’m Informa’s digital ambassador.

Whenever you see me, there’s something important I want to tell you about digitalised labelling.

Do you already know how to leverage digitalisation?  

What’s the first thing you should do? Where are we in the digital transformation? What have we already done? What more should we do? Are we just starting out or in the vanguard of digitalisation and everything is already in order? What are others in our industry doing? 

There are many other similar questions that arise from digitalisation. We want to help our customers get answers. We have developed a service concept for digitalisation that is as convenient ans easy as possible. Companies can utilise our concept and take full advantage of digitalisation to improve their position in an increasingly competitive environment. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can keep pace with the latest developments.

It all starts with a free-of-charge digital survey visit

With the help of Informa’s Digitalisation Survey, a Digital Coach assigned to your business will assess your digitalisation status in terms of equipment, software, services and consumables. After the survey has been completed, you will receive an analysis of your situation. The analysis will provide a clear description of the company’s current state and recommended future steps for unlocking the full potential of digitalised labelling solutions. 

Each company has been assigned a Digital Coach from our team of labelling experts, who will visit the company to conduct the survey. The survey visit will take approximately one hour, and we recommend that various people responsible for production and digitalisation are present during the visit. The digitalisation survey and the analysis provided to the customer are free of charge and do not commit the customer to anything.

A Digital Coach at your service

The main idea behind our digitalisation service is to help customers with the digitisation of their labelling processes. We help and support our customers, one step at a time, on their digitalisation journey. Each company is paired with a Digital Coach to ensure a reliable, safe and easy transition to digitalised labelling. Informa’s Digital Coach acts as your “digital project manager”, backed by Informa’s team of experts as your digital team!

How to book the survey?

To express your interest in the survey, please email us at Our schedulers will then contact you to arrange an exact date and time for the survey visit. Take the first step and express your interest in the Digitalisation Survey. Even a small step is worth taking!

Need help?
Our team is ready to answer your questions!

Jaakko Ahtila

Sales Manager

Markem-Imaje and Solaris products

+358 207 208 266

Jari Hanén

Key Account Manager

Meat and fish industry, fruit and vegetable processing

+358 207 208 211

Petteri Mäkelä

Key Account Manager

Forest products industry, construction industry, metal industry, plastic and rubber industries, chemical industry, manufacturing of electrical equipment

+358 207 208 222

Timo Tornberg

Key Account Manager

Food and beverage industries, textile industry

+358 207 208 262

Jari Kyllönen

Key Account Manager

Forest products industry and sawmills, pharmaceuticals and health technology, breweries and roasteries, and the printing industry 

+358 207 208 243