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Inks and solvents

The choice of ink and solvent depends on the model and type of your inkjet printer, as well as the object and material to be marked.

Continuous inkjet printers

For Markem-Imaje printers and various applications, e.g.m for marking food packaging. Washable inks are used, for example, for washable recycled bottles or Transbox boxes. Thermochromic inks change colour in response to changes in temperature. Water- and alcohol-based inks are used for sensitive products. Pigment inks can used when white or coloured marking is needed on a black background. Inks that withstand vulcanisation are also available.

Ink cartridges

Ink cartridges are used in Markem-Imaje 1000 series printers. Fast drying ink. Easy to replace and non-smearing toner cartridges. Ink cartridges are suitable for high resolution printing on most materials. 

Hot melt inks

Hot melt inks are used in Markem-Imaje’s hot melt inkjet printers. The inks are non-toxic and environmentally friendly and suitable for direct food labelling. They are also well-suited for solvent- and heat-resistant printing. 

Ink orders and enquiries:

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