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An opportunity, not a necessary evil

All products must be marked or labelled. You cannot produce or package products without the necessary labels, so you should handle labelling as well and efficiently as possible. Don’t think of it as a necessary evil!

An expert in marking and labelling

Informa is an expert in marking and labelling. Our job is to share the joy of labelling and help our customers gain cost savings and a competitive edge through labelling. Please feel free to contact us any time you need help or advice.

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With labelling management software, you can already reduce your IT and quality assurance costs. The software will enable quick modifications to label templates and eliminate errors and unplanned downtime. 

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Efficient and fast labelling equipment serves as your reliable workhorse. Informa represents the world’s leading manufacturers of labelling and marking equipment. That is why we can offer our customers the latest and best technology available. Our one-stop-shop principle means that we will provide you with everything you need, from labelling solutions to inkjet printers and labels produced by our own printing workshop. This allows you to fully utilise the compatibility of the equipment, materials and software.

Informa’s Digital Survey is a free-of-charge consultancy service designed to identify your labelling pain points. The survey will offer an overview of your current state of digitalisation, calculate potential cost savings and provide recommendations for further digitalisation. Book your free-of-charge Digital Survey by contacting us at

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