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A leap towards sustainability

Here are some sustainability principles from the manufacturers we represent. Tackling climate change is something manufacturers of labelling and marking equipment take seriously. 

Most manufacturers are international companies whose actions or inaction have a significant impact globally. Companies in the labelling industry are forerunners, taking responsibility for our shared world. The manufacturers we represent all contribute to the climate cause in their own way.

Small decisions matter

Small steps can lead to big changes. Choosing more environmentally friendly options makes a difference, even if the decisions are small. Collectively, these small decisions can make a significant positive impact on the environment.

Today, our customers are putting greater emphasis on environmental and climate factors in procurement decisions. Labelling and marking involve various decisions that can be made in a more environmentally friendly way. Choosing ecological marking technologies, inks and labelling materials is one example.

Manufacturing with recycled materials

Nearly all manufacturers today use recycled materials to manufacture new equipment and devices. At the end of the equipment’s life cycle, all suitable materials are recycled and used to manufacture new equipment. Currently, label manufacturers are replacing plastic-based materials with alternative materials. Major progress has also been made in developing new kinds of inks. 

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